My Hope Chest Extends Funding

Mission Possible…

My Hope Chest’s core mission is and will always be, funding breast reconstruction for uninsured and under insured survivors. 

Over the years our organization has received many calls, emails and referrals from across the country about breast cancer patients in need of financial help during treatment.  We have since learned that this experience actually has a name, “financial toxicity” and is best described at below and at

Financial toxicity describes problems a cancer patient has related to the cost of treatment.

The terms financial toxicity and financial distress are used to describe how out-of-pocket costs can cause financial problems for a patient. Out-of-pocket costs are what you pay for your medical care that is not covered by your health insurance. Out-of-pocket costs include the following:

  • Copayments: Amount you pay for each healthcare service, such as a doctor appointment or prescription.
  • Deductibles: Amount you pay for your medical care before your health insurance plan begins to pay.
  • Coinsurance: Percentage of costs you pay for a service that your health insurance covers after you have paid your deductible; for example, you pay 20% and your insurance pays 80%.

Due to the overwhelming calls to My Hope Chest for bill assistance from around the country we have amended our granting support to assist women in current treatment that qualify for our program.  Starting this year, will allocate a small amount of funds to help with medical Co-pays and non-medical bills such as rent and utilities.  Funds are paid directly to the companies and never to individuals.  As a grassroots organization with limited funds, we sometimes have a wait list seeking help. While we do not promise if or when we can help, we promise we are doing our best.

For more information on assistance, please contact Kristie at or call 727-488-0320.

Let’s Celebrate! My Hope Chest is Creating A Butterfly

It’s Surgery Day for Shawn!


On June 20th, Shawn R from Florida will be undergoing the 2nd step of her 3 step process of breast reconstructive surgery and transformation on her way to closure with Dr. Antonio Gayoso in St. Petersburg.  

Women who apply to My Hope Chest for help have often overcome more than just a cancer diagnosis by the time they reach or charity… they have survived the loss of limb, often loss of job and in the worst cases, and they do happen, loss of home and husband.  Surgery day is an amazing moment in our client’s life when she feels that much closer to closing the chapter of the cancer journey.  That’s our mission .. to help women be finished with thinking about cancer and on to moving forward with their lives.

I am SO grateful for your organization and excited about my upcoming surgery!”
Shawn rizzo 300 dpi
We are over the moon and stars happy for Shawn’s next step to closure from the disease, so join us in celebrating. Please be sure to follow her journey on our facebook page too…. the more who learn of our mission, the more women we are able to help!  And of course, your donation to help us fund these expensive processes.


Donate here:

2018 Butterfly gloWalk, 5K AMAZING Sponsors & Opportunities!

Ready, SET…. GLOW!

Just weeks from the BIG event and Sponsors may still join the team to help make our event a HUGE Success!

Become a butterfly sponsor and showcase your company at this night-time FUN-Raiser on April 14th along Tampa’s Historic Riverwalk!   Sponsors accepted through March 23rd for guaranteed inclusion on event shirts.  Don’t delay… this downtown Tampa event is sure to sell out!

Some of our wonderful 2018 Sponsors include…

We Proudly Use TechoGloW Paints

Techno glow


US Tent Rental logo Morgan and MorganHard Rock HotelCasino_Hooters_logo

tampa bay times

WTF…Cancer Series ~ Features Inspiring Survivors


Save the Dates to Be Inspired!

The WTF….Cancer Series: Win, Thrive & Feel Empowered to Inspire & Impact Others.

On Kimberly Price was diagnosed with stage IV Follicular lymphoma in 2009 only days after her son’s first birthday. As a busy mother of four and entrepreneur she refused to be held back by her cancer diagnosis, and set out on a journey to reclaim her health and connect with others ….

SAVE THE DATE ~  March 15th

The WTF….Cancer:  is an inspiring interview series launching March 5th, where Kimberly will speak with more than 20 individuals from across the country, including Alisa, our Founder, about our own unique journey’s and what we have created in hopes of positively impacting people. Tune in on March 15th to watch Alisa’s journey, from the Lopsided Showgirl to the leader and voice for women waiting for breast reconstruction.  But be sure to tune in every day to hear of all the amazing Survivor stories Kimberly has compiled in this wonderful new series.

These interviews are REAL, short and to the point conversations with world-changers that are connecting daily with thousands of individuals in positive ways. This is a great opportunity for anyone that has been affected by cancer or any other life changing diagnosis, whether personally or who knows someone that has, to hear more about what exists, and to connect with a community of leaders that are changing lives.

This ONLINE event comes with a complimentary ticket for you to attend  from your home, office or on the go. Click here to claim your FREE seat!

YOUR FREE GIFT!  Edge of the Forest ~Savoretti Inspiring Words

Thank you for taking the time to watch and learn and be inspired ~ We thank you for sharing this amazing resource with all who will benefit.

Cats Vs. Cancer ~ Funny Videos Changing Lives

 CVC-Watch-Fgiht-WhiteCats Vs. Cancer is as easy as it gets….

Watch Cat Videos, Fight Cancer.

During the months of November and December My Hope Chest will be focusing on LAUGHTER as the Best medicine (isn’t it always) and sharing funny kitty videos for your enjoyment.  That’s not all… the more you watch, we raise money.  How does that happen?  Crazy but true, just read and learn.

About Cats vs Cancer

Cats vs Cancer is a non-profit site, run entirely by volunteers, built to help those battling cancer. Each month they take money raised through ads sold on the site, as well as your donations, and give that to a cancer charity.

Our mission is to be the most entertaining and fun charity on the planet. They do this by curating the most hilarious, adorable, and captivating cat-things from around the web for your enjoyment and viewing pleasure.

To Learn More…

visit their site here and please… stay awhile 😉


Wed. Sept 27th…Meet My Hope Chest at Season’s 52

Joining Hands ~ An Introduction to My Hope Chest 

A Gathering of Friends and Opportunities to Support The Cause

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Joining Hands with My Hope Chest
Join us on Wednesday, Sept 27th for a short informational meeting sharing My Hope Chest’s work in the community and across America to help women heal from breast cancer with reconstructive surgery and how you can be a part.

Opportunities to Serve
The evening’s agenda will share the opportunities to help- like volunteering at events, social media, serving on the Board or Advisory Board or being simply becoming an advocate on social media! The charity seeks all kinds of volunteer Angels!

The evening’s meeting will also launch the opportunities for passionate event leaders to be apart of the 2018 Butterfly gloWalk, 5K Committee, happening starting January 2018 in prep for our April 14, 2018 fundraiser along Tampa’s Historic Riverwalk- we can’t wait! 😉

RSVP required please:
727- 386-0147

Location: Seasons 52 Restaurant, Westshore and Kennedy

See you there! and SHARE SHARE SHARE
Light Appetizers will be served with RSVP confirmation 😉  Otherwise, crumbs, lol.

Event is listed on our Facebook Page Here.

Partnership with Alaska Air Flies Surgery Recipient to Washington

My Hope Chest’s Alliances Help Change Lives in America

Making Women Whole Again

Carleen Hobbs AK

Diagnosed at 30, a young breast cancer survivor and mother of 5 and living in remote Nome, AK, Carleen had no resources to restore her breasts, after the devastating decision to remove them to save her life.  The good news… she found Hope when she found My Hope Chest. 

Thanks to our wonderful partnership with Alaska Air’s Angel Flight which donates air travel for medical needs like Carleen’s, on May 18th, she was whisked to our surgeon partner Dr. Jan Zempleni in Seattle, Washington!  Now onto her 2nd surgery with My Hope Chest, and 3rd step of breast reconstruction overall, she is one step closer to feeling complete.

Americans have the biggest hearts in the world… We are thrilled for Carleen and blessed to be a part of her journey and closure from cancer very soon.


Help us Help Carleen by Donating and Sharing her GoFundMe Page here


My Hope Chest Founder Speaker at Power Symposium


Power Symposium Sponsored by Amoena and Juzo

February 23-25 ~Paris Las Vegas

Alisa Savoretti
My Hope Chest Founder, Alisa Savoretti was invited to speak at the Power Symposium sponsored by Amoena, the largest breast form manufacturer and Juzo, since 1912, a leader in compression garments.  The symposium was directed towards continuing education of mastectomy fitters. 

Ms. Savoretti shared the alternative road for a mastectomy patient and educated attendees in the gap in treatment that My Hope Chest fills for those who desire reconstruction.
The event was well attended by exhibitors and mastectomy fitters and many visited My Hope Chest’s booth taking materials to share with their local breast centers, surgeons and in the retail stores sharing options for survivors.

Ruth Connell’s “VClub Pin” to Raise Money for My Hope Chest

VClub Pin Launches!

Supernatural’s “Good Witch” Rowena Takes Her Role as My Hope Chest’s

Angel Ambassador to a Whole New Level in 2017 

Lucky for My Hope Chest, Miss Ruth is continuing her mission for a 2nd year – YAY, touring the country promoting My Hope Chest’s mission during the hit TV show’s conventions.  Ruth, more an Angel than a witch, created the fundraising “VClub” Pin for her superfans to help raise funds for breast cancer survivors seeking reconstructive surgery on My Hope Chest’s wait list.

For just a $10 donation, Ruth will donate 100% of proceeds to her favorite charity- MHC!

VClub Pin

*VClub Pins are distributed at Conferences to those who have donated.



EXTRA RUTH VPin Donation

National Sorority Selects My Hope Chest for C.A.R.E Weeks


Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority Chooses My Hope Chest for C.A.R.E Week

Exciting news has started our new year off right!  After a nice phone call with the national chapter who found My Hope Chest online, the decision was made to support My Hope Chest during their annual C.A.R.E week campaign!

Every Spring, Kappa Phi Gamma around the nation plans Cancer Awareness: a Real Effort! (C.A.R.E.) Week, a week long series of events dedicated to raising funds for a cancer organization and to bring awareness to the community about the truths of cancer. To date, Kappa Phi Gamma has raised $97,000+ and has donated their services to over 40 different charities. C.A.R.E. 

My Hope Chest couldn’t be more EXCITED and happy about this announcement.  We can’t wait for April when 13 different chapters and colonies nationwide will be sharing MHC’s good word and work in communities across the country!

We, the Sisters of Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc., shall create a Sisterhood directed towards the advancement of women. Kappa Phi Gamma aims to instill integrity of character and trust as components of personality. The Sorority shall encourage bonding of women in order to strengthen Sisterhood.  Learn more about Kappa Pi Gamma and their philanthropy work here.


Relationships like Kappa Pi Gamma are a VITAL part of how MHC is able to provide surgeries each year. We call them 3rd party events when MHC is chosen as beneficiary which helps us raisemoney in our sleep. If you or someone you know has a business selling products or services   … contact our team to learn how to create a Win-Win fundraising and marketing campaign today!