Bay Area Riders Support My Hope Chest


Crusin for Breast Cancer


On Sunday, October 23rd, over 200 motorcycle riders of all shapes and sizes united to ride for breast cancer.  This annual ride, organized by Jessie Maymi and sponsored by Fran Haasch Law Group, raised over $3000 for My Hope Chest this year!  

Bay Area Riders is the number one Florida motorcycle community based out of the Tampa Bay area. Be sure to follow us for upcoming Florida motorcycle rides and events. All riders are welcome! Welcome to the LARGEST Florida Motorcycle Group!

Every dollar matters and My Hope Chest depends on 3rd party  fundraisers like this during October, and all year long, to continue the important work we do for breast cancer survivors needing reconstruction surgery or bills paid during their surgery journey.

We are very grateful to the #bayareariders for the good work they do for us and in the community all year long.

My Hope Chest on the Morning Blend


Sharing the Good We Do

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Watch the segment here with Natalie of Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend and hear My Hope Chest’s Founder, Alisa Savoretti and Client, Bonnie Medina share their stories and roads to recovery after mastectomies!  

National Advisory Board Opportunities Open

National Advisory Board Forming


Charity to Expand Leadership Opportunities 


My Hope Chest is rebranding, restructuring and growing our reach as a nearly 20 year-old, national 501c3 organization. We are starting a new National Advisory Board to help best serve our mission providing breast reconstructions surgery to uninsured and under insureds survivors as well as covering large insurance deductibles and providing non-medical bill pay assistance.  We are seeking passionate and dedicated executive leaders to join our growing World Series team and help us achieve our goals in 2022 and beyond! 



The role of My Hope Chest’s National Advisory Board is to expand the charity’s awareness nationally and foster new supporters and long-term corporate partnerships to raise funds and ensure our future. National Advisors will assist in strategic programs and make introductions to further our mission within their circles of influence. There is no compensation for board members- we are a 501c3 grassroots organization. 



We are seeking leaders with expertise in various areas to join our team.

The National Advisory Board for My Hope Chest offers 2 Committees of Service:

  • The Fundraising Committee– Responsible for raising money, fostering corporate partners and developing “Sustaining” donors, including grant writing and hosting events.
  • The Programs and Advocacy Committee– Responsible for executing MHC programs, developing new programs and fostering key contacts that can lead to fundraising.This committee will also assist with development of National. Advisory Board members.

 If you or someone you know is interested in learning more, please reach out to with  your name and “NAB Inquiry” in the subject line, someone will get back to you immediately.


Breast Reconstruciton Survey Launches


How Many Survivors Each Year Are Unable to Attain Breast Reconstruction?

That’s What We’d Like to Know




My Hope Chest: Breast Reconstruction Survey

Thank you in advance for participating in our important survey.

There are approximately 226,000 breast cancer survivors* each year, but little to no data on what portion of these women/men wanted, but could not attain breast reconstruction.
My Hope Chest has focused on the need for breast reconstruction for 16 years. Our mission is to help provide complete closure for uninsured and underinsured breast cancer survivors, restoring them in body, mind and spirit after cancer by funding reconstruction surgery. We are the only national organization helping individuals that fall through this gap of treatment and we need more data on the problem.
The Breast Reconstruction Survey
This survey is focused on the quality of life after surviving breast cancer. The goal is to determine a best estimate of the number of survivors that have lost a breast(s), or portion of, desired reconstruction but are/were unable to attain the surgery.

We will be utilizing the information we collect to:

·        Assess the need of uninsured and under-insured survivors in America desiring breast reconstruction. 

·        Increase awareness of breast reconstruction as an option for survivors. 

·        My Hope Chest may use your information to contact you with any further questions regarding your answers. We will not share your personal information with any third party. The results shared will be anonymous. 


In addition to assessing reconstruction needs, we’re interested in how the financial situation of patients during their cancer treatment affected their life and ability to afford reconstruction surgery. 

Did you know?

My Hope Chest receives referrals from the largest breast cancer charities in America that don’t fund delayed breast reconstruction or assist with the large insurance co-pays to make surgeries possible. We have a nation-wide wait list and your help may help others.
This survey takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time! 
NOTE: While we respect the right of everyone’s choice to have reconstruction or not, please respect that this survey is designed to gather information to help identify the needs of survivors that desire, but cannot obtain reconstruction surgery.
*American Cancer Society. (2019). Current year estimates for breast cancer. Retrieved from 

Plastic Surgery Foundation Awards Grant


My Hope Chest Receives $15,000 for Surgery Support



The Charitable Care Grant from the Plastic Surgery Foundation (PSF), awards up to $15,000 to US-based tax-exempt public 501(c)(3) charities that have demonstrated a track record of providing effective breast reconstruction surgery charity care.

My Hope Chest is truly grateful to receive this honor and the $15,000 contribution to help our breast reconstruction program.  We estimate a full reconstruction at $13,500, at a Medicaid rate, for the 3 surgeries that encompass a reconstructed breast. As the ONLY National charity focused on providing FREE breast reconstruction surgery for those who qualify, we are thrilled to have a funding source directly related to our mission!

Please share this good news and visit to learn more of their role in funding research related to breast reconstruction.





What is Breast Reconstruction?


Plastic Surgery Foundation Detailed Animation of Reconstruction Process


Many ask, what is breast reconstruction?
The simple answer…. the goal of breast reconstruction is to restore one or both breasts to near normal shape, appearance, symmetry and size following mastectomy, lumpectomy or congenital deformities.  Watch this video at for an excellent overview of options and the process involved in life after mastectomy… for a new you!  

My Hope Chest is supported thanks to grant funds from the Plastic Surgery Foundation.



Creating A Butterfly with a New Surgeon Partner in Tampa Bay


Surgery Day for Bonnie… with Dr. Buchanan 

A Butterfly in the Making!

Bonnie is a nurse and single mother in Tampa, Florida. She found My Hope Chest in the fall of 2019 and now she is awaiting her big day, right around the corner.  While this virus has her big day on hold, Bonnie couldn’t be happier that her day is coming soon! (May 11th, fingers crossed)  

Learn More about Bonnie’s story here and keep her in your good thoughts as she works in the hospital system.


Welcome Dr. Buchanan!

We are thrilled, excited to have s brand new surgeon partner for Bonnie’s big day!

Dr. Dallas Buchanan of Vivify Plastic Surgery is a new face in Tampa Bay, having moved here from Washington state. (click the link and learn all the good stuff.) This talented surgeon is well versed in breast reconstruction with years of experience. The reconstructive portion of his private practice is entirely dedicated to breast reconstruction. Dr. Buchanan is donating his time for Bonnie’s transformation and headed to become one of our Doctor’s of Distinction. Dr. Buchanan is passionate about our mission and has a strong dedication to the cause of My Hope Chest and the rights of women to have breast reconstruction surgery. My Hope Chest is truly blessed and ever grateful to our “angel surgeons” that recognize the importance of their talents to help our women feel and become whole again. 

My Hope Chest on the Morning Blend


Breast Reconstruction Patient and My Hope Chest News and Events on Featured on the Syndicated Morning Blend


My Hope Chest was thrilled to be on ABC’s Action News, morning show, Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend!

Sharing our recent news, Carolynn’s surgery start, the Butterfly gloWalk, 5K whisper…and May is for Mother’s at Millers Ale House campaign and Richard’s Father’s Day Run a foot, our short but sweet spot was packed full!  We are SO grateful to ABC and the Morning Blend for sharing our good work in the community!   Be sure to LIKE their page and thank them for supporting My Hope Chest please!  Whoo Hoo, TV is good for us!


My Hope Chest’s Newest Butterfly Takes Flight on Jan 29th


It’s Surgery Day for Luella!

Help us share in the excitement for our next “Butterfly” transformation headed to her final step of surgery, on Tuesday January 29th!

Miss Luella from Georgia is embarking on her 3rd step of breast reconstruction in the long journey “after” becoming cancer free.  It’s our honor to be a part of this chapter and closure from cancer…and just one more step till she’s through.  We’ll keep you posted here!

To learn more about Luella’s journey and all she went through. It’s why we are so excited for her… please read her story:

On June 24, 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. During my treatment I was approved for Medicaid but unfortunately the chemo put a toll on my body and I was just hired by the USPS as a City Carrier for 1 year then I was going to become a permanent employee. I had no choice but to resign because I was missing so many days from side effect of chemo and not being able to perform my duties. Since I was not employed for at least 6 months I didn’t qualify for FMLA or disability. I had no income and The Salvation Army paid my rent and utilities for a year and I received food stamps. After my double mastectomy Medicaid cancelled my coverage and I tried for almost 2 years to get it back they only approved my children and during this ordeal my right side expander(temporary breast implant) deflated and I have to put a sock in my bra so it appears I have breast. I started working 10/24/2016 and was told I have to wait for the enrollment.

“I am so grateful for you guys and I want to thank the organization for changing my life. I am so grateful and appreciate everything.” 

New Website Underway ~ Thanks to “Industrial Webworks” Transformation

A Fresh Look Coming Your Way


As the seasons go, tiz time for an exciting new LOOK here for My Hope Chest and it will be a goodie! Expect all the bells and whistles to come, thanks to our wonderful new partners at Industrial Webworks. 

“We have been planning this site for sometime – it’s our 5th website and we are really looking forward to adding a fresh look and more of everything to help our clients, alliances and supporters get to the information important to them,”  stated Alisa Savoretti, My Hope Chest Founder.

What to Expect at My Hope Chest 5.o

Our new website will share even more of our client successes! We’re launching a  “Patient to Patient” blog-spot for survivors to discuss matters of their cancer journey.  The website will add resources for those in treatment, share videos of our “Butterfly’s” testimonials after their surgery and we’ll highlight the years of volunteerism and volunteer “Angels” that have kept the wheels spinning. 2018 will add the important ability for reoccurring donations, share stories of the important partners that help keep our program alive and unveil an E-commerce store that will continually add cool and exciting merchandise to help raise funds. 

We also thank  our longtime graphic partner, Neil and LBW Design Online for their continued support of 15 years and being a part of our exciting new 5th website project!

“Sherri and their creative team are truly amazing in what they do and we can’t WAIT to see and share our new website with YOU.” 

Stay Tuned… Coming Fall 2018.