Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day! Oct 17th!

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day!

Bringing Hope to Life for  Survivors and My Hope Chest

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has declared a day at last to bring light to breast reconstruction, the need for presenting options to newly diagnosed.

The awareness of this day, for MY Hope Chest, the ONLY national organization dedicated to providing breast reconstruction surgery to uninsured and under insured survivors, means that at last, our mission has a VOICE and hopefully, via the granting program of the ASPS Foundation, the charity can receive grant money.  Historically, organizations like Susan G. Komen and American Cancer Society do not allocate dollars to breast reconstruction, focusing on awareness, education and research for the disease. As a result of this funding blockade where most dollars are donated each year,  My Hope Chest has not been able to secure dollars to keep up with the need yet and applications coming to us weekly, mostly referred by these organizations.  (In the most heavily funded cause in America, we might add.)

My Hope Chest calls October Breast Cancer Action month and believes now is the time to put our money and attention in the area where dollars make a definitive deference.

This new day,, offers MHC “HOPE”…. we will have another funding resource to server our wait list of women nationally and in addition to recruiting more surgeons within the ASPS to partner with us and facilitate this mission.  Breast reconstruction is the “Final step of breast cancer treatment” for those who desire, and is covered by insurance.

To be clear…

My Hope Chest helps uninsured survivors and now even corporate America is coming to us with the need to meet their “co-pays.”  We proudly support BraDayUSA and encourage you and yours to host a “Hope Floats” event on our behalf next year!

Contact us for more details today.


  1. Pat says:

    Is their any help for me I am 60 and had stage 3 A breast cancer
    I have been trying to get reconstructed for years .
    I was left with nothing after my divorce and have been using county hospital
    their has been many students that have worked on me and was left with many problems My hope is to be able to look like a women again
    is their any one that can help me. The past four years have been hard for me I keep hopping . I have no medical insurance

  2. anne brinkley says:

    Hi I am a cancersurvivor or soldier.I was dianosed with breastcancer in the age of 32.too young.I went through a double macectomy.only had tumor in one breast.but let them take both.I couldn’t take any chances in the cancer coming back in other all I do is stay in pain.can’t work no arms messed up from lymphnode removal.between Dr.Merell and hospital.they want 10,000 dollars and my husband struggle week to week.we can’t come up with that.I have other health issues too.and still paying cancer Dr.s and other.I suffer from depression and feeling less of a women and feel like I look deformed with my chest sunk in.I feel like everyone looks and jokes about me.I am excited about finding myhopechest.I am getting older.I hope they can help me and others who are going through this suffering.