Breast Reconstruction Photos


Now that you fully understand the grave situation these uninsured cancer “SURVIVORS” face we hope you will join us in helping these truly needy women return to a rewarding and fulfilling life!


  1. Patricia Morton says:

    I was told at Duke Hospital years ago that my surgery was done really well. They spoke to me of reconstruction but never proceeded. it has been 21 years and now I do not have insurance. It has been devastating to my self -esteem. It is so hard to stand in front of my husband this way.

  2. Kathleen O'Brien says:

    Hello my name is Kathleen, and this is my third diagnosis of Breast cancer. It has for me like so many thousands of others changed my life. Unfortunately During my first diagnosis my husband was seeking a Divorce and dropped me from his Insurance. I had been a stay home mother for a few reasons mainly to take care of our daughter who was born with some health “challenges”. IUnfortunately I had lttle to no job skills so I couldnot pay off the House that was left for me to pay the mortgage on. I did losses my home and my daughter also while trying to fight to save my life to be there for my daughter. My spouse fought for fulll custody and i was not in a stsat to fight hard enough I was ILL. BUT I am STILL HERE:)
    fortunately I found a low income health alliance clinic to keep mammograms up to date and help me with finding General Surgeons to get the cancer out of my body. I still consider myself VERY blessed:) I am about to loose my breast but because of the consistent recurrenc of cancer. During the past two years I went to University to better myself and be capable of participating in society. During that schooling was my second diagnosis. Now while trying to find employmnet I have a third recurrennce and have benn urged to have a mastectomy performed. I am in a nwe relationship since several years of marriage and it seems to be not working out. I am worried about somany things at once, I may have to move out. Yes these are personal things I share but I am sure there are many similar stories to mine. I am hoping ot get back to some kind of normal and be healthy and attractive i hate to say it but breast have always been THE feminine SYMBOL atleast a personal thing for me. to feel whole again I believe that somethin can be completely shattered but with beautiful hearts and caring hands it can be assemled as respendent as before:)>

  3. im a 52 year old woman hard a have had breast cancer three times and this last time i had to remove my left breast. I really what reconsturtion I have wanted it from the being an told my surgeon and oncologist at the time of surgery but I didnt get any help as of now to learn what i ca do know please help I have no self esteem and Im having a real hard time getting back to me everyday is a struggle seeing my self like this i now have medicaid are there doctors that will take this insurance for Having the surgery for this