“Butterfly Transformation” for Makesha with Dr. Gayoso in St. Petersburg, FL

Surgery Day Transforms Makesha

One more off the Wait List for My Hope Chest ~ New Beginnings!

Makesha and Dr. Gayoso Sept 2015

Dr. Antonio Gayoso and his butterfly in waiting!

Makesha’s testimonial…. The day before her surgery!!

We asked Makesh… “How do you feel today?”

Her Reply

“Oh My God…I me excited nervous at the same… I dreamed of this day ever since they took my breast away.  I’ve never been able to afford it.  You guys were my DREAM come true–you are my Angels!  You and Doctor Gayoso are changing my life right now! Before this surgery I had low self esteem… I didn’t feel complete… you guys are making me complete.   

Thank you thank you!!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the left breast at 35 years of age on November 23, 2009. I found the lump myself but didn’t start worrying until two weeks later. The lump got bigger and painful. I did not have insurance so I was informed to apply for county ins. Well that was a process. Once I was approved and was scheduled an appointment, the Dr. evaluated me and recommend I have an ultrasound. However with the county you have to get a referral which takes up to 10 days for each procedure . The test showed a large mass. Dr. then put in a referral to see a surgeon. Then surgeon put in referral for biopsy. By then a month has passed and I was diagnosed with aggressive 3rd stage cancer.

Was admitted but I had to go home and get things taken care of being a single parent and all. I left on a Friday and returned that Tuesday for a left mastectomy and lymph nodes. I thank god everyday for allowing me to beat cancer.

However, every time I look at myself I feel ugly, unattractive, and now I feel as though no man will ever want me because I’m not fully proportioned. I have been searching for an organization to help me for the last four years on reconstructing my left breast.

angel 4



Surgery days would not be possible if it were not for the support of our AMAZING Doctors of Distinction like Dr. Gayoso.   So, we at MHC encourage you to find an angel surgeon in your community that gives back and refer to them anyone seeking medical treatment… it is the highest honor we can give to these deserving Angels.

It Takes a Village.