“Butterfly Transformation” for Makesha with Dr. Gayoso in St. Petersburg, FL

Surgery Day Transforms Makesha

One more off the Wait List for My Hope Chest ~ New Beginnings!

Makesha and Dr. Gayoso Sept 2015

Dr. Antonio Gayoso and his butterfly in waiting!

Makesha’s testimonial…. The day before her surgery!!

We asked Makesh… “How do you feel today?”

Her Reply

“Oh My God…I me excited nervous at the same… I dreamed of this day ever since they took my breast away.  I’ve never been able to afford it.  You guys were my DREAM come true–you are my Angels!  You and Doctor Gayoso are changing my life right now! Before this surgery I had low self esteem… I didn’t feel complete… you guys are making me complete.   

Thank you thank you!!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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