MHC Butterflies!!

My Hope Chest – Creating Butterflies ~ Transforming Lives

Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over…

she became a butterfly.

My Hope Chest mission promises hope and healing for breast cancer survivors.  While we remain steadfast to “Create Butterflies” and transform lives and wish we could do more and faster to eliminate our growing wait list for survivors, we must focus on the Butterflies we have been able to restore, transform and complete.  

Here are a few of our Butterflies ………

stories of hope and gratitude for their new “girls” and new beginnings!

Ruth Anne Peavey sm

Ruth Ann Peavy

Ruth Ann P.  (55) Lake Mary, FL

“I’ve been waiting 14 years to embark on this final chapter called breast cancer…never feeling complete as a woman…thought I would never be able to have this surgery. Thanks for My Hope Chest which helps uninsured women have this life changing procedure at no cost to them.”


Vonda Allen 3

Vonda Allen (Reidsville NC) 41

In September 2011 I had bilateral mastectomies due to complications of Ductal Carcinoma, Grade III/III Spanning 2.2cm and Ductal Carcinoma InSitu with calcifications in my right breast. Before completing the reconstructive phase of my chest I lost my job and medical insurance. I was devastated. The local cancer center recommended that I contact My Hope Chest for assistance. I did so in almost a mechanical nature not really expecting a positive outcome. However, not only did the phone call prompt a positive outcome, but it came in the most rewarding way. My Hope Chest and the efforts they put forward in walking me through the final stages of my reconstruction restored my faith in humanity. My chest was completely reconstructed in April of this year after a trying battle with the issue of lack of resources. I am forever grateful for this wonderful organization that empowers and rejuvenates the physical and spiritual form.


Doctor Sullivan and Brenda in pre opBrenda Wiley(IN)

I feel as though I won the reconstruction lottery!

What an amazing journey this has been so far. I feel so blessed to have been donated my surgery with the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery in New Orleans and with Dr. Scott Sullivan. Without My Hope Chest, I would not have ever been able to have this done…..and I feel better than ever.

It is such a great thing to have somewhere to turn for help when there seems to be no options at all.