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Maricela Fernandez – Cancer Survivor and Reconstruction Client

breast cancer reconstruction testimonial
Hi there!
My name is Maricela Fernandez from San Antonio, TX. I am a fine dining server and assistant manager. I was diagnosed with  stage three triple negative bilateral breast cancer on Oct. 6th, 2009 while  living in Atlanta, Ga. Ironically, my mother passed away of breast cancer on that same day in 1980.
I was 39 at that time and my life was supposed to end as I knew it. My medical team said that a had a slim one time shot to knock it out so I ran with that chance and never looked back! With the amazing support of my medical team, loved ones, faith and a strong positive attitude I underwent a double mastectomy, chemo and radiation to beat my cancer. At this time I was not too concerned about losing my breasts as long as I survived.
As time went by after recovering, I suddenly felt different but could not explain it. Then on my birthday of Aug.30th 2010, I learned I was cancer free!!!!!!! Wow!!!
After having a new lease on life, I was longing to be reunited with my family in Texas so I moved back home. Moving to Texas caused by health insurance to drop me.
I tried to live my life as normal as possible, but I was definitely noticing a change with in me. I did not feel like myself. I had lost so much of my self security.I could not do all those normal things from swimming to dating. I started to feel a little freakish so I began to distant myself. I simply did not feel like a woman let alone a human being.
I was at a loss due to that fact that I would not be able to afford breast reconstruction. I was still determined to beat this too somehow. I spent countless hours making phone calls to inquire about any type of financial assistance. No one could help. I then started to do more research online and found My Hope Chest!!! Just by reading who and what My Hope Chest was about, gave me a glimpse of hope. I took a chance and submitted my application. My Hope Chest was the only hope I had. Several months went by and out of the blue I received a called from one the volunteers named Suzen. I just about fell to my knees in excitement!!! This was the beginning to a second chance of a true quality of life! When I was actually chosen, I had tears of joy and thought to myself how extremely wonderful this organization really is! It took me a while to grasp the idea that these hard working amazing strangers were about to change my world! My Hope Chest was going to give me a gift called Maricela FernandezME!!
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! My Hope Chest is extremely VITAL!

We are so happy for Maricela….Stay tuned for continuing stories of hope and transformation!