Calling Survivors! The Breast Reconstruction Survey- Helping Identify Survivors in Need


How many survive breast cancer each year yet are unable to attain their desired breast reconstruction?

That’s what we’d like to know.


Thank you for giving 5 minutes to pay it forward.

There are approximately 226,000 breast cancer survivors* each year, but little to no data on what portion of these women/men wanted, but could not attain breast reconstruction surgery due to the cost, lack of insurance or lack of a huge deductible expense.
My Hope Chest has focused on the need for breast reconstruction for 16 years. Our mission is to help provide complete closure for uninsured and underinsured breast cancer survivors, restoring them in body, mind and spirit after cancer by funding reconstruction surgery. We are the only national organization helping individuals that fall through this gap of treatment and we need more data on the problem.

The Breast Reconstruction Survey

This survey is focused on the quality of life after surviving breast cancer. The goal is to determine a best estimate of the number of survivors that have lost a breast(s), or portion of, desired reconstruction but are/were unable to attain the surgery.

We will be utilizing the information we collect to:

·        Assess the need of uninsured and underinsured survivors in America desiring breast reconstruction. 
·        Increase awareness of breast reconstruction as an option for survivors. 
·        My Hope Chest may use your information to contact you with any further questions regarding your answers. We will not share your personal information with any third party. The results shared will be anonymous. 
In addition to assessing reconstruction needs, we’re interested in how the financial situation of patients during their cancer treatment affected their life and ability to afford reconstruction surgery. 

Did you know?

My Hope Chest receives referrals from the largest breast cancer charities in America that don’t fund delayed breast reconstruction or assist with the large insurance co-pays to make surgeries possible. We have a nation-wide waitlist and your help may help others.
This survey takes only 5-10 minutes to complete… and think of what those minutes could mean to a new survivor in need.
NOTE: While we respect the right of everyone’s choice to have reconstruction or not, please respect that this survey is designed to gather information to help identify the needs of survivors that desire, but cannot obtain reconstruction surgery.
*American Cancer Society. (2019). Current year estimates for breast cancer. Retrieved from 
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Date(s) - 04/20/2020 - 04/20/2021
12:00 am