Gishwhes Scavenger Hunt Clue… Creating Butterflies for My Hope Chest!

Gishwhes… Raising Awareness for My Hope Chest

Gishwhes-2016-logo-690x262-1461267779WELCOME 2016 PARTICIPANTS!

My Hope Chest is joining the fun by hosting the next clue on this global adventure!

g.i.s.h.w.h.e.s. (which stands for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) is a 7-time Guinness World Record breaking scavenger hunt hosted by Misha Collins that you can compete in from anywhere in the world (even from your own home!)

Here is your next clue:

Here at My Hope Chest we “Create butterflies and Transform lives” of breast cancer survivors.
For this challenge, you must pen a message of hope in colored ink on a white bra. Channeling your inner supermodel and stage a public photo shoot of someone wearing this “support undergarment.” (You may wear a shirt underneath it if you prefer and you must adhere to local laws. Please note that GISHWHES does not provide bail money.)

Extra Points for working and butterflies into your design!

Have fun!!


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Thank you THANK YOU, ThaNk YoUUUU!!