Giving Grid Raising Money for Survivors

My Hope Chest Launches New Online Fundraiser

Making Women Whole Again


Fundraising Made Easy as 1, 2, 3

As fundraising season hit’s full steam in the 4th quarter for most charities, My Hope Chest is excited about our newest platform, the Giving Grid, a FUN and interactive Donor platform that helps charities raise money online with a click of their mouse or swipe of their phone.   Click the following LINK to get to our “Making Women Whole Again” fundraising page and watch as your dollars help us impact the lives of women all around the country.


What is Breast Reconstruction and How Much Does it Cost?

Breast cancer reconstruction surgery is a series of 3 surgeries that span a year.  Applicants come to My Hope Chest in various stages of their treatment needs. The financial assistance they seek varies greatly. 

Who We Help

  • We assist survivors, “With” insurance, seeking co-payments ranging from $2,500- $7000. 
  • We assist survivors who are uninsured, seeking a full surgery costing upwards of $10,000 at our negotiated Medicaid rates. We have limited funds to fill all the requests we receive.
  • My Hope Chest is also helping women in treatment with non-medical bills such as rent and utilities. 

With your financial support, My Hope Chest will continue to help women like Makesha, find full recovery from mastectomy and cancer.  This, thanks to the support of Dr. Antonio Gayoso in St. Petersburg Florida