“Hope Floats” on October 17th “Breast Cancer Awareness” Day!

October is breast cancer ACTION month!

More women are surviving cancer than ever…. what you may not know is that thousands are doing so without their breasts. The time has come to do more.

Keeping Hope Afloat

On Wednesday the 17th Tampa Bay residents will make their way to Whiskey Joes on Rocky Point for the 1st anual gathering and fundraiser, Hope Floats on Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day!” This casual event is a celebration of HOPE, Healing and Closure for breast cancer survivors and those needing reconstruction from breast cancer journey.   Light refreshments will be served and a short introduction will be made about the significance of Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day prior to releasing “Wish Boats” and a “Lantern of Hope” by MHC near the water at dusk.

WHEN: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 6-8pm
WHERE: Whiskey Joes, Rocky Point, Tampa
PRICE: $10 donation…for a Wish Boat or Balloon! 

ALL breast cancer survivors are encouraged to attend and celebrate this significant new day of Hope!


“Hope Floats” is a result of, and in conjunction with BraDayUSA.org, designated by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons focusing on the need to educate the newly diagnosed about their breast reconstruction options. “Formerly lost in October in a sea of pink…My Hope Chest and breast reconstruction has barely had a voice.  As this awareness grows, we hope to see fundraising efforts in October be direct dollars to breast reconstruction and that women who seek closure from the disease may have a better chance at attaining their breast reconstruction and sooner.   For My Hope Chest, bradayusa it brings new hope to a mission we have been dedicated to for a decade”, says charity founder Alisa Savoretti.  “October is breast cancer ACTION month and thanks to ASPS, we have a day to recognize this at last. We are  excited to have the ASPS voice in support this day and hopeful for the help in our efforts to heal those waiting on our list.”


Nearly 6200 Women a year lose their breast and are uninsured and unable to acquire this surgery? Breast reconstruction is the “Final Step of Breast Cancer Treatment” and IS “covered by insurance” as a part of “treatment.” But….the uninsured or under insured survivor falls through the crack.   In the “most heavily funded cause” in our country… My Hope Chest has a wait list nationwide of women who live minus one or both breasts…Hopefully not for long now.


Grab your friends and co-workers and Join MHC Fans and Survivors nationwide to HOST a “Hope Floats” event in your town!! From a simple gathering bunko game or wine tasting, or our “Hope Floats” event you can help us raise awareness and dollars too!

Contact info@myhopechest.org for a “HOW TO” host your event.

If you are unable to attend, donations can be made online for the event- click on the “I want to help Hope Float for survivors!” … know that your donation will help restore, transform and heal a life.

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