June 24 ~First MHC patient for Dr. Gayoso in Florida

A new life for a deserving young lady…

My  Hope Chest is proud and happy to announce the next surgery for Florida resident, Kari Marko!  Kari, 34,  will undergo her long awaited breast reconstruction surgery on Friday June 24 thanks to the help of Dr. Antonio Gayoso, Director of Plastic Surgery at St. Anthony’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida and owner Gayoso Plastic Surgery.  The surgery will take place at Bayfront Surgery Center thanks to a collaborative effort with the My Hope Chest program.


  1. Debra Fannin, RN BS Ed CCM says:

    I hope this first surgery will be followed extensively by the media until the conclusion of the sucess for all to see for this “deserving young lady who has long awaited breast reconstruction.” Then everyone will see the character of this organization. As medicine is not an exact science, how they handle set backs and complications will determine how the medical community view their organization and their willingness to work with them. Reputable doctors who step up to assist in worthy causes are very much patient adocates and how their patients are treated determines their willingness to be involved.

  2. Kari marko says:

    I just wanyed to thank Dr. Gayoso & his staff such as his nurse Amy for treating me so well like I was part of the family. also have to give credit where die to takin their time and expertice to help someone like myself, that without the generosity of others, including My Hope Cest

  3. Kari marko says:

    I wasnt finished with last post, it sent before I was done I suppose i’ll post another. What I was trying to say is I just want to give credit where credit due. (not die, mispelled above, sorry) if it werent for medical staff such as Gayoso Plastic Surgery & of course Dr. John O’Briens immediate attention to the complications that arose over the course of the weekend I could very well have lost more than just a reconstructed breast. Thanks to everyone for doing your best to try to make my dream of being whole again. Bless you all.