My Hope Chest Introduces Official “Breast Reconstruction Awareness Ribbon”

Seminole, FL (August 15, 2012) – My Hope Chest is proud to introduce the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Ribbon, the first ribbon to support uninsured and under insured breast cancer survivors. This new ribbon speaks to the restoration, transformation and the completion from the cancer journey that many survivors seek through reconstructive surgery after mastectomy. For those who desire, breast reconstruction provides closure and a new wholeness allowing a woman to put the disease behind her at last.

Official Breast Reconstruction Awareness Ribbon

“The traditional ‘pink ribbon’ (shown below) has branded breast cancer ‘awareness, education and research’ but overlooks a huge population of underserved survivors that live with scars and a constant reminder of the disease,” founder Alisa Savoretti said. “There are hundreds of breast cancer groups in America focused on prevention and finding a cure, while the need for breast reconstruction has flown under the radar of the ‘pink ribbon.’”


The original breast cancer awareness 'pink ribbon'

The colors in the breast reconstruction ribbon transition and transform, just like the survivors My Hope Chest helps to become whole again. The ribbon goes from pink – the original breast cancer color, to whiteknown as the “light” or the power of healing. The white blends to yellow, the color of hope, sunshine and new beginnings!

The Breast Reconstruction Awareness Ribbon symbolizes transformation and closure from the disease. My Hope Chest hopes this new symbol will help others recognize this need and shine the light on this epidemic for thousands who have sacrificed a piece of themselves to save their life.

Founded in 2003 by Alisa Savoretti, My Hope Chest services pick up where other breast cancer organizations leave off providing “final step of breast cancer treatment” and helping women become whole again. Savoretti knows from first-hand experience how breast reconstruction after cancer helps restore not only the body but also transforms and heals the mind and spirit. She founded the organization after her own struggle with breast cancer.

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  1. Margot Gonzales says:

    As a woman who has gone through breast reconstruction having a double mastectomy I would love to see this new ribbon. Having something like this is very up lifting. I hope that you are able to achieve what your hope chest is looking for.

  2. Marilyn Rowden says:

    Seventeen years ago I made a decision to have Bi-Lateral Prophalactic Mastectomies as a prevention being the only one of five girls in my family to not yet have Breast Cancer . Eighteen years ago I lost my only child to Breast Cancer at the age of 28 .She was the tenth known to me of Breast Cancer in my family . She was fortunate to have insurance and I was fortunate to have insurance and a number of Dr.’s who went to bat for me to have this . I was clean , but having to live more than 40 straight years watching my sister’s diagnoses and death’s , I knew all about the effects of Breast Cancer by the time it came to my daughter . I am so proud of Alisa for founding this very important cause . It is horrific for most people to lose a Breast , at last there is some hope for those without insurance to feel better about themselves . I applaud you Dear Alisa and am very glad I met you this summer at our co-charity event in Knoxville ,TN. I wish you the best with your Hope Chest ……………………………….

  3. says:

    What’s up to all, the contents existing at this website are actually amazing for people knowledge, well, keep up the good work fellows.


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