New Website Underway ~ Thanks to “Industrial Webworks” Transformation

A Fresh Look Coming Your Way


As the seasons go, tiz time for an exciting new LOOK here for My Hope Chest and it will be a goodie! Expect all the bells and whistles to come, thanks to our wonderful new partners at Industrial Webworks. 

“We have been planning this site for sometime – it’s our 5th website and we are really looking forward to adding a fresh look and more of everything to help our clients, alliances and supporters get to the information important to them,”  stated Alisa Savoretti, My Hope Chest Founder.

What to Expect at My Hope Chest 5.o

Our new website will share even more of our client successes! We’re launching a  “Patient to Patient” blog-spot for survivors to discuss matters of their cancer journey.  The website will add resources for those in treatment, share videos of our “Butterfly’s” testimonials after their surgery and we’ll highlight the years of volunteerism and volunteer “Angels” that have kept the wheels spinning. 2018 will add the important ability for reoccurring donations, share stories of the important partners that help keep our program alive and unveil an E-commerce store that will continually add cool and exciting merchandise to help raise funds. 

We also thank  our longtime graphic partner, Neil and LBW Design Online for their continued support of 15 years and being a part of our exciting new 5th website project!

“Sherri and their creative team are truly amazing in what they do and we can’t WAIT to see and share our new website with YOU.” 

Stay Tuned… Coming Fall 2018.