Plastic Surgery Foundation Awards Grant


My Hope Chest Receives $15,000 for Surgery Support



The Charitable Care Grant from the Plastic Surgery Foundation (PSF), awards up to $15,000 to US-based tax-exempt public 501(c)(3) charities that have demonstrated a track record of providing effective breast reconstruction surgery charity care.

My Hope Chest is truly grateful to receive this honor and the $15,000 contribution to help our breast reconstruction program.  We estimate a full reconstruction at $13,500, at a Medicaid rate, for the 3 surgeries that encompass a reconstructed breast. As the ONLY National charity focused on providing FREE breast reconstruction surgery for those who qualify, we are thrilled to have a funding source directly related to our mission!

Please share this good news and visit to learn more of their role in funding research related to breast reconstruction.





My Hope Chest’s Newest Butterfly Takes Flight on Jan 29th


It’s Surgery Day for Luella!

Help us share in the excitement for our next “Butterfly” transformation headed to her final step of surgery, on Tuesday January 29th!

Miss Luella from Georgia is embarking on her 3rd step of breast reconstruction in the long journey “after” becoming cancer free.  It’s our honor to be a part of this chapter and closure from cancer…and just one more step till she’s through.  We’ll keep you posted here!

To learn more about Luella’s journey and all she went through. It’s why we are so excited for her… please read her story:

On June 24, 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. During my treatment I was approved for Medicaid but unfortunately the chemo put a toll on my body and I was just hired by the USPS as a City Carrier for 1 year then I was going to become a permanent employee. I had no choice but to resign because I was missing so many days from side effect of chemo and not being able to perform my duties. Since I was not employed for at least 6 months I didn’t qualify for FMLA or disability. I had no income and The Salvation Army paid my rent and utilities for a year and I received food stamps. After my double mastectomy Medicaid cancelled my coverage and I tried for almost 2 years to get it back they only approved my children and during this ordeal my right side expander(temporary breast implant) deflated and I have to put a sock in my bra so it appears I have breast. I started working 10/24/2016 and was told I have to wait for the enrollment.

“I am so grateful for you guys and I want to thank the organization for changing my life. I am so grateful and appreciate everything.” 

Cats Vs. Cancer ~ Funny Videos Changing Lives

 CVC-Watch-Fgiht-WhiteCats Vs. Cancer is as easy as it gets….

Watch Cat Videos, Fight Cancer.

During the months of November and December My Hope Chest will be focusing on LAUGHTER as the Best medicine (isn’t it always) and sharing funny kitty videos for your enjoyment.  That’s not all… the more you watch, we raise money.  How does that happen?  Crazy but true, just read and learn.

About Cats vs Cancer

Cats vs Cancer is a non-profit site, run entirely by volunteers, built to help those battling cancer. Each month they take money raised through ads sold on the site, as well as your donations, and give that to a cancer charity.

Our mission is to be the most entertaining and fun charity on the planet. They do this by curating the most hilarious, adorable, and captivating cat-things from around the web for your enjoyment and viewing pleasure.

To Learn More…

visit their site here and please… stay awhile 😉


Ruth Connell’s “VClub Pin” to Raise Money for My Hope Chest

VClub Pin Launches!

Supernatural’s “Good Witch” Rowena Takes Her Role as My Hope Chest’s

Angel Ambassador to a Whole New Level in 2017 

Lucky for My Hope Chest, Miss Ruth is continuing her mission for a 2nd year – YAY, touring the country promoting My Hope Chest’s mission during the hit TV show’s conventions.  Ruth, more an Angel than a witch, created the fundraising “VClub” Pin for her superfans to help raise funds for breast cancer survivors seeking reconstructive surgery on My Hope Chest’s wait list.

For just a $10 donation, Ruth will donate 100% of proceeds to her favorite charity- MHC!

VClub Pin

*VClub Pins are distributed at Conferences to those who have donated.



EXTRA RUTH VPin Donation

Headlines for the Hopeful Features Good News and My Hope Chest

Showgirl’s Nonprofit Gifts New Breasts to Women With Cancer

Read the Full Story Online and a HUGE Thanks to Headlines for the Hopeful for taking the dark out of news reporting when there is so much light to share 😉


My Hope Chest Introduces Official “Breast Reconstruction Awareness Ribbon”

Seminole, FL (August 15, 2012) – My Hope Chest is proud to introduce the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Ribbon, the first ribbon to support uninsured and under insured breast cancer survivors. This new ribbon speaks to the restoration, transformation and the completion from the cancer journey that many survivors seek through reconstructive surgery after mastectomy. For those who desire, breast reconstruction provides closure and a new wholeness allowing a woman to put the disease behind her at last.

Official Breast Reconstruction Awareness Ribbon

“The traditional ‘pink ribbon’ (shown below) has branded breast cancer ‘awareness, education and research’ but overlooks a huge population of underserved survivors that live with scars and a constant reminder of the disease,” founder Alisa Savoretti said. “There are hundreds of breast cancer groups in America focused on prevention and finding a cure, while the need for breast reconstruction has flown under the radar of the ‘pink ribbon.’”


The original breast cancer awareness 'pink ribbon'

The colors in the breast reconstruction ribbon transition and transform, just like the survivors My Hope Chest helps to become whole again. The ribbon goes from pink – the original breast cancer color, to whiteknown as the “light” or the power of healing. The white blends to yellow, the color of hope, sunshine and new beginnings!

The Breast Reconstruction Awareness Ribbon symbolizes transformation and closure from the disease. My Hope Chest hopes this new symbol will help others recognize this need and shine the light on this epidemic for thousands who have sacrificed a piece of themselves to save their life.

Founded in 2003 by Alisa Savoretti, My Hope Chest services pick up where other breast cancer organizations leave off providing “final step of breast cancer treatment” and helping women become whole again. Savoretti knows from first-hand experience how breast reconstruction after cancer helps restore not only the body but also transforms and heals the mind and spirit. She founded the organization after her own struggle with breast cancer.

Please send press/media inquiries to Three Girls Media, Inc.

SCAR Project Premier Oct 14

David Jay is a full time fashion photographer who has been working on a personal project for the past 3 years called The SCAR Project. An acronym for “Surviving Cancer. Absolute Reality”, The SCAR Project is a series of large-scale portraits of young breast cancer survivors. Dedicated to the often overlooked group of more than 10,000 women under the age of 40 who will be diagnosed this year alone The SCAR Project is an exercise in awareness, hope, reflection and healing. Nearly 100 women have journeyed from across America and the world to be photographed for The SCAR Project. Some are mothers. Some are single women. Some are struggling students. Some are busy professionals. But they are all warriors, role models and survivors.

The SCAR Project is a powerful, beautifully disturbing look into the eyes of young women struggling with a devastating disease. A small web gallery with a few of the images can be found here:

The premier exhibition opens October 14th at the Openhouse Gallery on Mott St in NYC.

Jay has funded The SCAR Project himself the past 3 years and refuses to commercialize it any way. Any proceeds raised are donated to charity.

International Premier Exhibition Of The SCAR Project
October 14-17, 2010
Photography By David Jay

Openhouse Gallery, 201 Mulberry St, New York, New York, 10012.
Opening Night to Benefit Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation
Tickets Now Available at

The SCAR Project will culminate in an internationally traveling exhibition and book that capture the full scope of this compelling, inspiring survival story. David Jay will continue shooting SCAR Project subjects in his New York city studio and throughout the world as the The SCAR Project Continues.