Creating A Butterfly with a New Surgeon Partner in Tampa Bay


Surgery Day for Bonnie… with Dr. Buchanan 

A Butterfly in the Making!

Bonnie is a nurse and single mother in Tampa, Florida. She found My Hope Chest in the fall of 2019 and now she is awaiting her big day, right around the corner.  While this virus has her big day on hold, Bonnie couldn’t be happier that her day is coming soon! (May 11th, fingers crossed)  

Learn More about Bonnie’s story here and keep her in your good thoughts as she works in the hospital system.


Welcome Dr. Buchanan!

We are thrilled, excited to have s brand new surgeon partner for Bonnie’s big day!

Dr. Dallas Buchanan of Vivify Plastic Surgery is a new face in Tampa Bay, having moved here from Washington state. (click the link and learn all the good stuff.) This talented surgeon is well versed in breast reconstruction with years of experience. The reconstructive portion of his private practice is entirely dedicated to breast reconstruction. Dr. Buchanan is donating his time for Bonnie’s transformation and headed to become one of our Doctor’s of Distinction. Dr. Buchanan is passionate about our mission and has a strong dedication to the cause of My Hope Chest and the rights of women to have breast reconstruction surgery. My Hope Chest is truly blessed and ever grateful to our “angel surgeons” that recognize the importance of their talents to help our women feel and become whole again.