Women’s Thermal Underwear Gives 50% to My Hope Chest

Feeling winter coming on?

Women’s Thermal Underwear has teamed up with us this October! The online shopping portal specializing in thermal layers for women will donate 50% of its gross commissions from each sale made through womensthermalunderwear.com during the month of October 2010, to My Hope Chest.

Just visit womensthermalunderwear.com between October 1, 2010 and October 31,2010 to shop for your thermal underwear, base layers, or great gifts. You can compare prices from multiple online stores, find what you want for the lowest price, and when you complete a purchase with the associated online retailer, that retailer will send a commission payment to Women’s Thermal Underwear. At the end of October, 50% of the total commissions from the month will be donated directly to My Hope Chest.

Women’s Thermal Underwear is part of The Breast Alliance. You can learn more here.