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The WTF….Cancer Series: Win, Thrive & Feel Empowered to Inspire & Impact Others.

On Kimberly Price was diagnosed with stage IV Follicular lymphoma in 2009 only days after her son’s first birthday. As a busy mother of four and entrepreneur she refused to be held back by her cancer diagnosis, and set out on a journey to reclaim her health and connect with others ….

SAVE THE DATE ~  March 15th

The WTF….Cancer:  is an inspiring interview series launching March 5th, where Kimberly will speak with more than 20 individuals from across the country, including Alisa, our Founder, about our own unique journey’s and what we have created in hopes of positively impacting people. Tune in on March 15th to watch Alisa’s journey, from the Lopsided Showgirl to the leader and voice for women waiting for breast reconstruction.  But be sure to tune in every day to hear of all the amazing Survivor stories Kimberly has compiled in this wonderful new series.

These interviews are REAL, short and to the point conversations with world-changers that are connecting daily with thousands of individuals in positive ways. This is a great opportunity for anyone that has been affected by cancer or any other life changing diagnosis, whether personally or who knows someone that has, to hear more about what exists, and to connect with a community of leaders that are changing lives.

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