A woman in a hospital bed who has just received breast reconstruction surgery along with two My Hope Chest volunteers smiling.
A female patient and a female doctor smiling after a successful breast reconstruction operation.
A smiling female breast reconstruction patient in a hospital bed is surrounded by several of her happy family members.

Making Women Whole Again

We fund breast reconstruction surgery.

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In 2023, My Hope Chest and I celebrated 20 years dedicated to filling the gap in breast cancer treatment, providing reconstructive surgery for uninsured and underinsured breast cancer survivors

Our mission picks up where all others leave off, providing the "final step in breast cancer treatment."

I'm proud of our work and our unique mission, because losing a breast changes your life, getting it back is truly life changing.

Alisa Savoretti, Founder, CEO

Laura and Alisa on breast reconstruction surgery day


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From Feathers to Founder...

The Lopsided Showgirl

A Las Vegas Showgirl and entrepreneur, Alisa Savoretti was preparing to launch her new business when she had a breast cancer diagnosis

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A Breast Reconstruction Success Story

Meet Shawn, a My Hope Chest Butterfly

“I feel less and less like a woman every day. First the breast, then my hair, just had a hysterectomy … There is nothing feminine left. Feel hollow and empty.. lost.. don't even know who I am anymore. I definitely don't recognize this person I see in the mirror anymore.”

We know… it’s hard to read the words from Shawn’s application, feeling her defeated and deflated self-image during her breast cancer treatment.  The good news, thanks to finding MHC and attaining her desired breast reconstruction, Shawn has been able to find true closure from her disease and has wonderful, renewed sense of dignity and self worth.

Post surgery… “Now I have a good attitude and stay focused on the future.  Tissue expanders already helped redeem my self-esteem, I already feel happier.  I smile more, happier to be around!”

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