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YOU can make a difference...

Host an Event

Do you like throwing parties? If you’ve ever thought, “I am only one person – how I can help?” we have the answer for you! Host a fundraising party to raise money for breast cancer survivors... It’s easier than you think!

Tips on Hosting Your Own Event

Ask us for ideas or brainstorm with your friends and co-workers to hold an event on our behalf (ie. a golf tournament, wine and cheese party, bake sale…)

Existing businesses always partner with charities—it is a Win-Win opportunity. We hope to create these relationships nationwide.

*Certain legal criteria apply for raising funds on our behalf—be sure to contact us before you start so we can help!

Cause Marketing Campaigns - Fashion, Food and Fitness

My Hope Chest focuses on life after cancer- our mission serves the back end of the disease. A cause marking campaign, like you see on television, is when a company donates a portion of proceeds from the sale of their product or service to charity.

In order to serve more women, our quest and focus in 2023 and beyond, is to foster relationships with companies that sell products or services in fashion, food or fitness, 3 of the important elements to restoring a quality of life for breast cancer survivor.

If you know or work for a company that may be a good fit, please be our connector...and who knows, YOU could be the catalyst to changing many lives!


Surgeries are expensive.
When you fundraise for My Hope Chest, you support the most unique mission on the back end of cancer treatment...making women whole again through breast reconstruction surgery. Because of your fundraising efforts, survivors will finally be able to close the chapter of their cancer diagnosis.

From bike runs and golf tournaments, to bake sales, pickleball and poker nights, hosting a fundraiser helps us change lives!  Need inspiration? Contact us for help or with your ideas... and rally your friends today!

Online Fundraising

Online fundraising is the best way to help raise money for My Hope Chest.  It’s our favorite way of raising money-because with your help, we are literally raising money in our sleep!  Choose from Facebook, Amazonsmile or set up a Crowdrise or GoFundMe page on behalf of someone you love.  Or, just share our virtual bra decorating website, decorate cups to fill cups!

Facebook Birthday Campaign

No gifts please — just a donation.

Support me and MHC! Creating a Facebook Birthday fundraiser is easy peasy and a GREAT opportunity to help heal breast cancer survivors across the miles What better “gift” than the feeling of knowing your birthday changed the life of another!.

Learn how to create a Facebook fundraiser

Host a Fundraiser 

Is party throwing your passion?

1. Start a Fundraiser: Celebrate a birthday, set an exercise goal for yourself, honor a loved one, or plan a virtual event. Your concept, Your creation... Your choice.

2. Spread the Word: Tell people why you are supporting My Hope Chest. Make it passionate and personal to make it powerful. Ask them to donate.

Team Building Events

Corporations understand the need to work and play together. Introduce My Hope Chest at your workplace and create a fundraiser at any time of the year or rally a team to participate in one of our Signature events. Team building events make a big impact on our work. Need ideas?  Just ask us how.

You Can Help a Breast Cancer Survivor Heal

Together we can ensure that no one has to live without their breasts after cancer, regardless of their financial situation.

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