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Raising Awareness of our Work
Volunteers...  they are people just like you and me – with families, full time jobs and often a host of other responsibilities. But, volunteers are the lifeblood of charity work and very special people who understand the responsibilities of being active in their community and want to be a part of making a difference. This is why My Hope Chest calls ours Volunteer Angels!

Donating your time and skills truly amplify our mission and awareness. We welcome your support.

Our Volunteer Angels

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Help at our events or use your work skills to help us from home… Ask us how! Even an hour a week will make a difference.

Women Helping Women

More than ever, we are lifting each other up!  We're surely not discriminating on help from the male persuasion... just reminding the ladies of our power when we unite together. We are seeking donated services and volunteer support in the following areas. All work is remote.

  • Media/PR Support
  • Social Media
  • Online Event
  • Bookkeeping
  • As a Board Member

Other Volunteer Opportunities


Do you love being in the know?  Are Instagram and Facebook your bffs? We're welcoming passionate writers! Professionals, or non... raise your had if you're ready to be an awesome advocate on the web for us. Creating relatable content, targeting influencers and movers and shakers that could transform our world WHEN they know about us. If this is you, please contact us now,


Periodically we require the help of a translator/interpreter to speak with applicants and translate their documents and other materials.

VIRTUAL Office VolunteerS

Office volunteers assist chapter staff with miscellaneous tasks including phone calls, grant research, data entry, thank you notes and more. At this time of our restructuring, these roles are vital to our forward motion.  Contact us today.

Events Volunteer—Virtual and Day Of

This is the FUN stuff!  My Hope Chest event angels, plan, organize and implement our signature events- The Butterfly gloWalk, 5K FUN Run, (With Wings and Glow in the dark bling!), The Boooobie Ball (Halloween Party) and our Bling A Bra for Breast Cancer (Bra decorating contest or party.)  Their time is donated by working on the event committee, helping on the event day and/or participating in the event.

Skill-Based Volunteer

Use your skills on an as-needed basis. This volunteer should have professional knowledge of the skill. Needed skills include, bookkeeping, blogging, public relations, sales, graphic design, photography.

Be a voice for our women and share the impact of our work by donating your time


Spreading the word about My Hope Chest in your workplace and with your friends and family will help to grow our awareness, raise donations and help more women heal from cancer.

The quickest way to spread the word, both locally and nationally is to WRITE LETTERS! Important words in the right direction can change the world. Many television shows and magazines focus on women’s causes and actually need stories to do their work! A bit of national exposure could change the face of MHC and a simple note could ignite the fire that makes that happen. The more folks they hear from, the better for us all. Don’t worry if you don’t hear back… send it again…someone will see it eventually- persistence is the key to success!


Do you have or know someone with connections in Television? love to be connected to share our story at: The View, OWN Network, Live with Kelly and Ryan, Kelly Clarkson Show, Drew Barrymore Show, Rachel Ray Show, The View, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Kardashians to name the best… Their voices could help us help so many more survivors.


Woman’s Day, Women’s Health, Family Circle, Self, More, Good Housekeeping, O, The Oprah Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Self, Redbook and True Story are good places to start. Send them a note saying you support MHC and our mission… and you want them to know about it!

All publications are looking for stories!

Local Exposure

Call or write your local radio station, newspaper, magazine or networking organization to introduce My Hope Chest and offer the opportunity to learn more about our program and get involved.

Spreading the word about My Hope Chest in your workplace and with your friends and family will help to grow our awareness, raise donations and help more women heal from cancer.

You Can Help a Breast Cancer Survivor Heal

Together we can ensure that no one has to live without their breasts after cancer, regardless of their financial situation.

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