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When you give to My Hope Chest, you're funding life changing breast reconstruction surgeries and assisting survivors with non medical bills during their cancer journey - real ACTION.

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Client Spotlight

My name is Rameika and I was diagnosed with stage III Her2 positive breast cancer almost 2 years ago. My world changed right before my eyes! I had appointments after appointments, treatments, surgeries, and more! There was so much going on I couldn’t work and I barely had time to heal after one situation from another. Deep down I was terrified of losing everything I worked hard or even worse dying (yikes). Although, this disease takes a lot from you and can put you in a tight position in life as well as test your faith there are upsides. You gain a sisterhood of other women going through your same walk, there are resources that are designed only for women in our position.

I have an amazing team at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. I shared with my oncologists team about the hardship I was facing and this is how I found “My Hope Chest.” They connected me with Alisa Savoretti whom is amazing, a good listener and she gave me hope. Without this program my finances would have caused a lot of stress while I am in active treatment. I am beyond thankful and pray this program will continue to give women help and hope.


Your Dollars at Work

$25 Pays to create educational brochures to breast centers

$100 Pays for client navigation for 1 survivor

$500 Pays for 1 aureola tattoo – the icing on the cake!

$1,000 Pays for 1 breast implant

$13,500 Funds 1 full breast reconstruction at a Medicaid rate

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My Hope Chest
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