Looking for assistance for your breast reconstruction surgery?
Now there’s Hope!

My Hope Chest is the only national social service organization focused solely on breast reconstruction for uninsured and under insured survivors.  Our referrals come from the largest breast cancer organizations in America that do not assist MHC or fund this surgery.  We encourage you to apply for assistance and while we cannot guaranteed when we can help… know that we are doing our best every day to assist survivors with this “Final step in breast cancer treatment”


“You gave me my life back you gave me my confidence. I will do anything to help you and my hope chest. I had nobody there to help me and look how far I’ve come. I owe you everything and I want to help others too.”
~Delores, Age 46

“I am very grateful to My Hope Chest and Dr. Zamboni for all of the help they have given me. I found out about MHC through an article in the Henderson Newspaper and found out that there were people to help uninsured women to regain their self-esteem. After the surgeries I felt “whole” again and am very grateful to everyone.”
~Susan, Age 42– MHC First patient

“I got involved with this organization because as a reconstructive surgeon, I know the importance of breast reconstruction as a critical final step in the physical and emotional healing of a breast cancer survivor… The dedication of Alisa, My Hope Chest and the board of directors is inspiring to all who know them.”
~Dr. William Zamboni, (1958-2015) MD, Chairman of the Department of Surgery at the University of Nevada, School of Medicine ~ Founding Surgeon for MHC.

Surgery Recipients… Our New Butterflies!


“When I first heard the words “breast cancer,” I went numb. People were talking to me and I was in such a fog, they all sounded like Charlie Brown’s parents. I had no insurance and I didn’t know where to turn.

I was approved for reconstruction and It changed my life.

It gave me all my self-esteem back. I feel whole again and with that, I feel strong. That strength makes me brave and enables me to tackle anything that life throws at me.”

Laurie Gilsdorf-

Laurie spent nearly 8 years missing both of her breasts.  She worked 2 jobs and still could not find the means to pay for her expensive surgeries… then she found My Hope Chest.  We are happy to share Laurie completed her reconstruction surgery with Dr. Antonio Gayoso in St. Petersburg, Florida and feels happy, whole again and glad to put her cancer journey behind her.


There are hundreds more Survivors like these living without a breast (or two!), and they are added to our wait list every single day. Can you imagine?

To help them today, donate now.