About Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction is the “Final step of Breast Cancer Treatment.”

The Woman’s Health and Cancer Right’s Act of 1998 mandates that insurance must pay for reconstruction as it is a part of “Treatment” it is not a cosmetic surgery nor a “boob job”.

When a woman undergoes a mastectomy (removal of a breast or breasts) to save her life  she can be left with a deformed chest wall and  often left with disfiguring scars.  Can you imagine the devastating psychological consequences she must deal with following the chemotherapy or radiation treatment required to save her life?

For some women, post-breast cancer reconstruction is the saving grace after their terrible nightmare. The outcome of this procedure is designed to result in a natural looking breast that closely resembles the other breast or in the case of a double mastectomy, two beautiful, proportionate breasts complete with the nipple.

For those who desire breast reconstruction surgery, it is truly life changing.  Breast reconstruction is a transformation of not only the body but the total healing of the mind and spirit.  When our women receive this life changing surgery they tell us the feel “whole again.”  Breast Reconstruction truly  completes the cancer journey and allows a survivor to return to her new normal with renewed feelings of self-esteem, confidence and self-worth.