Does insurance cover breast reconstruction?

  • YES! In 1998 the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act was passed mandating that if your group health plan covers mastectomies, the plan must provide certain reconstructive surgery and other post-mastectomy benefits.

If you have had a mastectomy or expect to have one, you may be entitled to special rights under the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 (WHCRA). The following link provides answers to frequently asked questions about WHCRA.

My Hope Chest helps those who fall through the cracks- the Uninsured survivor.

Do I have to have my breast(s) reconstructed after my mastectomy?

  • NO! Breast reconstruction is a very personal choice. For those who desire, we believe it is the “final step in breast cancer treatment” helping many to heal completely and put their cancer journey behind them.

    Do I have to have my breast(s) reconstructed at time of mastectomy?

    • NO! Immediate reconstruction is an option for some patients(usually not for the uninsured however). While immediate reconstruction means less surgery, many women opt to treat their cancer first and have their breasts reconstructed at a later time; chemotherapy or radiation may be all that they wish to undertake at one time. Talk about the benefits and risks of reconstruction with your doctors before the surgery is planned.